BOM Generation

Generation of Bill of Materials for building & construction projects. Our schedules include all necessary materials for your building and construction projects.

It is important to note that the initial resource cost of approximate bills of quantities is likely to be lower than firm bills of quantities, but the need for re-measurement invariably results in an overall higher resource cost. Although the measured quantities are approximate, the descriptions of work items should be correct in the approximate bill of quantities

Full & Phased Projects

We produce nearly accurate and detailed Bills of Quantities for building and construction projects.  We use a number of project management software suites which provide a fully integrated approach to the preparation and use of documentation for the procurement and control of construction projects and also allows us to produce Bills of Quantities and detailed Estimates.

Make it happen

Bills of Quantities which we produce allow for completing the building works, valuing the extent of building works complete for the purpose of making payments to the contractor, valuing variations in the content or extent of building works, or to support applications for tax or other financial incentives.